The Greatest Possession

The Greatest Possession.

Sound familiar?

If so, good! You listened to General Conference & paid attention to Elder Holland—even though he’s hard not to pay attention to.

I have gone back & studied this talk of his & presume I’ll be doing so several more times throughout my life. There was more than a lot that stood out to me, & I hope similar statements he addressed that spoke to me also spoke to you.

“In the vernacular of today’s youth, we are to declare ourselves “all in.”

Do you? If not, why not, & what are you waiting for? I mentioned this a few posts back; we are either two feet in, or we are not.

“My will shall become your will.” CS Lewis, Mere Christianity.

I agree with this, as well. His will SHALL become our will. This doesn’t take away our agency, either. When we choose to follow Jesus Christ, we want our will to be aligned with His. In return, His will shall become ours.

“When difficult things are asked of us, even things contrary to the longings of our heart, remember that the loyalty we pledge to the cause of Christ is to be the supreme devotion of our lives.”

Sometimes we are asked to give up things that we don’t feel we can live without. These things may even be a loved one. How devoted are we to trusting Him & His plan?

“God is our Father & is exceptionally good at forgiving & forgetting sins we have forsaken.”

Remember that statement. We are not the best at this; at least I am not. I joke about some of the things I have forgotten & honestly can’t remember, even when my wife or others remind me. Maybe that is how it is with our Heavenly Father. It is completely removed from His remembrance? I don’t know & I don’t have to know. We just need to know He forgives & forgets.

“His heart, might, mind, & strength… And when those majestic forces from His heart & ours meet without restraint, there is a veritable explosion of spiritual, moral power.”

Imagine the strength & power we can have physically & spiritually if we allow ourselves to come unto Him & let our will be His.

Let yourself go to Him—fear Him not. He is your healer. Your heart, mind, & spirit need His touch.

Hear Him!

Art by: @drawjustinedraw @gethsemanefineart

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