Don’t be afraid to say hi

Don’t be afraid to say hi.

I had a thought the other day as I was out to lunch with my crew members. As we took our seats and looked at the menu, an older couple stood up and walked by our table. They expressly waved to me and said hello.


Well, because I was in a police uniform and it happens all the time—I enjoy it when it happens.

The thought I had, and I also shared it with my crew members, was this—Why do I need to be in a police uniform for someone to say hello to me or recognize me?

How great would it be if we took the opportunity to say hello, wave, or recognize people we don’t know?

They recognized and engaged me because I was a police officer.

Do we recognize each other and engage them with the knowledge that they are our Heavenly brothers and sisters?

Being recognized in uniform is a great feeling. It brings a sense of self-worth and motivation to continue to do good.

The same goes when someone recognizes me outside of my uniform. It always brings a smile when someone says hello or waves—I promise it does because I do it all the time.

Let’s have the courage to greet those we don’t know. The Savior is the perfect example of this.

Hear Him!

Photo: Message me for credit.

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