The Tornados of Life.

The tornadoes of life.

This weekend, my wife took a weekend business trip, which left me home tending to the needs of our kids & home chores. I’m not going to lie; it was enjoyable and relaxing.

I have been so busy with my occupation, & quickly I realized how much I had neglected the chores to be done on the inside of the home.

As I began to gut the house, I found myself in my oldest daughter’s room. Looking around, I realized a tornado must have swept through, & I missed it. Having witnessed this, I had an immediate sense of love for my daughter. I wasn’t even upset with her room being in utter chaos.

I didn’t know where to start cleaning, so I just started. As I proceeded to do so, I became invested in doing the best I could. Why? I wanted to see how happy it would make her. Doing this made me excited, not for me, but her. I couldn’t wait to see the result & have my daughter enjoy her room.

My daughter is unique & very special. As a young child, she went through a tornado of her very own—This was a real-life tornado. She lost her mother at a very young age (two of my daughters did, both sisters). This thought popped into my mind as I was cleaning her tornado of a room.

I’ve always wanted to save these two from the tornados they faced, & when their mother passed away, I was allowed to do so. I didn’t know where to begin with their tornado, so I just started doing what I understood how to do & what felt right—I kept going.

Like her room, I proceeded to “clean-up,” & I became invested in doing the best I could. Why? I wanted to see how happy it would make them. Doing this made me excited & has brought great joy to my life. We’ve also seen great joy come into their lives.

Throughout the years, I couldn’t wait to see how their lives would turn out. I’ve prayed I could clean up enough that they could lovingly re-organize the things I may have put in the wrong places.

They had very little of the Gospel through their younger years, but my wife & I have brought consistency of the Gospel to their lives over the past several. The Gospel has eased the tornado and cleaned up much of the mess, & guided them through the process.

Hear Him!

Art: Abraham Hunter

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