How to Remain Motivated.

How to remain motivated.

I don’t know what each of you does to remain motivated during challenging circumstances, but I’m sure it looks different for each of us.

It feels as if each day is getting harder to put up with the fiery darts of the adversary, but guess what? We can’t stop fighting, so fight!

I wake up to a much different world than most. I get to go against the devil on a day-to-day basis with my profession. Yes, I chose this way of life, and no, I wouldn’t give back the heartache, mental health problems, or physical ailments that have come from worldly beatings I’ve taken on over the years—I’m grateful to be a police officer.

How I remain motivated?



Church attendance.

All of them have kept me close to my Heavenly Father, as distant as I may feel from His presence time to time. I have never questioned if He was there. Each of those three things has proven over & over that He is, & I do not doubt.

Stop making excuses for why going to church is complex or why you were offended. We’re either both feet in or not in at all—It’s that simple.

The adversary doesn’t want you attending anything church-related. So, of course, we will blame everyone and everything for our reason not to go.

You disagree with your Bishop? Please don’t blame him for being subject to human errors. The same goes for every member to step foot inside the church.

Feeling left out? Figure out how to fit in.

Is culture too strong for you? Then help be the change.

Is policy being confused by tradition and culture? Then start studying the handbook and learn what the Lord is teaching us in these Latter-Day’s. Speak up and be that voice of knowledge and reason.

Be motivated to make a difference in this world and influence people to participate in saving ordinances of the Gospel. Participate in them. How can we expect others to if we don’t.

A sour attitudes contaminate family, friends, and relationships. It destroys positive motivation. Satan and his followers want this. Don’t succumb to those temptations.

By seeking ways to become motivated, we will begin to change how we conduct business. It will start to be nothing but the Lord’s business.

Hear Him!

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