Are you an Angel?

Are you an Angel?

“Not all angels are from the other side of the veil,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has said. “Some of them we walk with and talk with�—here, now, every day.”

“We all can be angels to those around us as we convey “love and concern for God’s children.” Justin Tate—Liahona, Oct 2021.

What do we do in our daily actions to be an Angel to others?

Can we all be Angels?

How have we blessed or touched others with our actions?

When we exercise Christlike behavior, we become His instruments or, as we may not see ourselves, Angels.

Acts of kindness will touch others who struggle.

Acts of love will bless those who are hurting.

Acts of charity will help those who are in need.

Acts of service will relieve those burdened by time, physical ailments, or other circumstances.

We don’t need to see ourselves as “Angels” to be angelic messengers. It becomes natural as we strive daily to become like Jesus Christ.

Serve and minister.

I am grateful to all of the angels who have helped me through my life and continue to help me. They are all around us, and we can become one for someone else.

Sometimes we will never know what our actions have done for our brothers and sisters. Please continue to do good things, and our Heavenly Father will open the doors to angelic opportunities.

Hear Him!

Art by Harry Anderson

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