Do You Feel Lost? Keep Moving Forward in Faith.

Do you feel lost? Keep moving forward in faith.

We are all lost without the Savior in our lives—He fills the empty void we can’t do on our own.

Pretending to be happy without Christ and His Gospel will always lead to the abyss of great unhappiness.

There is a reason one of His names He goes by is “The Light of the World.” Christ taught, “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

The quicker we understand this and trust in Him, the clearer we will appreciate, understand, and enjoy our purpose here on earth.

We will begin to love ourselves and our neighbors.

Our passion for doing good and serving others will improve.

Our Saviors guidance will enter our cavities of shadows, filling them with light, and we will see our way through what would have been utter despair.

Once we’ve tasted of His goodness and we’ve experienced how it works in our lives, we will strive daily to take upon us His yoke.

As we follow him, our burdens will be made light. We will have a sense of belonging and know a Heavenly Father loves us.

Questions that we have will be answered or resolved in a way we can find peace and comfort.

If you’re lost, He has already found you. He has never failed you, and you have never been lost to Him.

He is waiting for you to turn on His light.

Pray for His guidance.

Read your scriptures.

Strengthen or regain your testimony of His Gospel.

As we do these things, we will never be lost. He will be right next to us during our trials.

Hear Him!

Art by Dan Wilson

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