Don’t be discouraged in your studies.

Don’t become discouraged in your studies.

I have never really enjoyed reading until just over a year ago. I would read, but I didn’t quite find joy in it. A lot had to do with my reading comprehension.

I could read ten chapters and not know what I had read. So, I felt obligated to start over. I hated making progress through a book, article, or magazine just to realize I made no progress at all.

My perspective has changed and I am content with my human capabilities.

How so and what do I mean?

I have realized a few things over the past couple of years. I may not physically retain what I read and study, but spiritually it’s being retained, or I wouldn’t have the testimony I have.

I am also a hands-on guy. Reading or listening to lectures is hard for me to retain if I don’t act. That’s why it’s important to implement what we learn from our leaders and personal studies. The quicker we do that, the easier it is to remember what to do—Even if we don’t recall where we heard it from; It’s called being guided by the spirit—We train our spirit to act.

Don’t be afraid to slow down and learn.

Take notes as you study.

Ponder and pray about the things you’re learning.

Again, I take a lot of notes, and I don’t remember what I’ve written down. That’s fine because I know my spirit is retaining what I’ve put into action.

Many of us have a hard time explaining our testimonies. We may have said something like this “I can’t really explain to you how I feel, but what I can tell you is it’s true.”

How is that possible to know something is true if we can’t physically explain it?

I know the stories in the Book of Mormon are true, but I could probably only share a couple from memory; however, when I hear someone tell other stories, I recall them quickly. The same goes for other truths.

Train your spirit during your mortal stay. I know it can be frustrating to some degree when we can’t recall from memory, but our efforts are not in vain. The Lord needs us to be spiritually fed. Don’t give up on educating your physical mind and body, & never give up on nourishing your spirit.

The spirit is what testifies of truth & allows us to explain our heart.

Hear Him!

Art: Walter Rain

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