Are we an almsgiving people?

✒️ by @hearhim.daily

Are we an almsgiving people?

As I read about Nehor & the people of Nephi today, I felt like I was reading about the world we live in today.

Even after Nehor was put to death for killing Gideon, the wickedness continued through the land along with false doctrines.

How does this relate to our times?

I can’t help but think of our dearly beloved prophet and the twelve apostles. They are very much in a similar situation as Alma was during his second year as chief judge and high priest over the church.

President Nelson took over as the prophet just before some significant world-turning events—All eyes were on Him and still are.

Just before Alma, chapter one, verse 23, we read about persecution in the church and the pride among themselves. Members turned on others who were against them, even when there was strict law not to—They disregarded and did it anyway.

During the pandemic, the riots, and other world events, I have read, seen, and heard the above first-hand—It’s been sad to see.

Just like Alma witnessed this, the prophet has witnessed it. He has called for prayer, brotherly kindness, love, and healing amongst the Nations.

We have seen many members excommunicated for their actions and others leave the church, asking for records to be removed, or as the scriptures say, blotted out or withdrawn.

Who does this affect?

It affects all of us. I know it affects me and it saddens me to see it happen.

It affected the people of God and the church back during Alma’s reign, too.

In verse twenty-five it reads, “Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and movable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.”

So, how do we fix it?

We follow the example of our ancestors. We do what the scripture above directs, and then we impart the word of God.

It worked for our ancestors, and it certainly will work for us—We need to resume building the kingdom of God.

When we become an almsgiving people, we will be blessed abundantly. The rest of chapter one teaches us how that works.

Love one another and be almsgiving.

Hear him!

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