We are Stronger Together

We are stronger together.

As independent as some of us may be, we will always be stronger working together. As Saints, we gather and we always have. There is a lot of strength that comes from being around those with the same purpose.

I’m independent, yet, there are times when I need to be lifted by the spirits of my ward family. We come as an eternal family, and that’s the way of our Heavenly Father.

It doesn’t happen a lot in my family, but now and then, we can get everyone gathered together from different areas of the state. The bond I share with my brothers and sister is essential.

The same goes for us when we look at our ward family. We may not recognize each other as we did in our pre-mortal life, but we came from a Heavenly Father and Mother. We share a spiritual bond, and it, too, is essential.

The Saints would not have made it across the plains alone without support, encouragement, strength, and testimonies. These treks were completed together.

I’m not saying we can’t survive at times without each other, but we are much stronger and always will be stronger together.

There are times I cannot gather with my ward family on the Sabbath Day; however, I know they are still gathering, and that alone gives me the strength to push forward until I can be with them again.

Because we have each other, we are strengthened when we are away and cannot be together.

Why do we gather? We gather to build the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is not created by one member alone. It’s constructed by all of us together. As we meet, we plan, we study, we share ideas. Inspiration and revelation will come to us as we listen to those who speak, teach, and pray.

We are also commanded to do so, brothers and sisters, and we will be stronger together as we heed the following council in the Book of Mormon.

Alma 6:6, “Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.”

Hear Him!

Art by E. Kimball Warren

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