Plan to win and plan with the Lord

Plan to win and plan with the Lord.

Do we plan to win or plan to fail?

We have a choice every day we wake up to do either of these two things. One takes much effort while the other takes no effort at all.

I understand that planned efforts to win don’t always end up the way we anticipated; however, we are blessed because of our efforts.

When we make no plan at all, what is our purpose?

Sometimes a plan may be to simply get up and out of bed.

A plan may be to make the bed in the morning.

We are not all the same, and no one asked us to be. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t expect us to be, either. That means we all plan according to our needs and circumstances.

Don’t worry about how insignificant your plan is compared to others. No one knows exactly what you’re experiencing in life besides you and the Lord. The plan you implement might seem insignificant to some, but for you, it may be a massive test of your faith.

The Lord wants you to plan with Him each day. He wants to be included, and He should be included. Remember, He is the reason we are here, and He is the reason we can return to be with our families forever.

When we plan with Christ, we win.

When we don’t plan with Him, we will fail—at least this is my personal perspective. We can agree to disagree.

When things go wrong, we then tend to include the Lord and ask Him for help; Instead, we should be planning with Him. We can then return to the Lord and justifiably ask where we veered off track. We may even be surprised by the answer we receive and realize we are indeed on the right path. He just turned us in a different direction than we were expecting.

Plan to win and Plan with the Lord.

Hear Him!

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