The Lord is a Master Timer

The Lord is a master timer.

I give thanks to my ward Relief Society President for today’s title. We had a quick conversation today, and even though I won’t be focusing on what the conversation was about, I liked her statement, “The Lord is a master timer.”

It was perfect for the thoughts I’ve had weighing on my mind over the past several weeks.

I am a very impatient person when it comes to getting things done promptly and pressing forward. It’s hard for me to sit idle. If I’m given an assignment, I want to complete it the best I can and as quickly as possible.

I sometimes forget “The Lord is a master timer.”

We are on His time and His errand.

When I look at the creation of the world and the careful thoughts, planning, and creating that went into it, I imagine my own time with the Lord.

I don’t think the Lord said, “Here is your body, and there is the earth. Go figure it out and pray when you need help or want to check-in.”

I imagine there was a “master plan” for me, and I helped Him “masterfully design” it. As I worked with the Lord, I also imagine my life on earth was perfectly timed.

Now, don’t get this confused. I don’t believe perfectly timed meant my life was to be perfect. However, I believe everything was and is divinely designed. Again, careful thoughts, planning, and creating the “master plan” for my time on earth.

My blueprints and your blueprints are perfect to the Lord. He created me and He created you.

Just because the blueprint looks perfect doesn’t mean we will execute our plan exactly how it was set forth. We need to look at our blueprints over and over again. When we make mistakes, we go back and fix them.

It takes time to complete projects, just like getting through our life on earth. The Lord’s blueprint for our lives is divinely designed, and “The Lord is a master timer.”

If we can remember this as we go through each day, we will be more patient in our duties. Trust in His timing and His design for your life.

Hear Him!

Salt Lake Blueprints 1853

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