Where do we find the time?

Where do we find the time?

I have been asked this question a lot over the last several months. Between work, family, personal and family activities, where do I find time to study and write.

I guess I could always respond with “establish your priorities and be good with time management.” However, that’s the wrong answer and I don’t think my answer applies to everyone.

We are all entirely different, and we all have various things going on. I can’t “broad brush stroke” this one because it doesn’t apply the same to everyone.

I would suggest that everyone make it a priority to communicate with the Lord. Talk to Him about your goals, desires, and ideas. Have Him help you come up with a game plan that works for you.

My study habits are not perfect for you, but they are perfect for me. Even then, I’m not perfect, so my study plans remain imperfect—Make sense? I didn’t think so.

The challenge is this… Don’t beat yourself up or stress yourself out because you haven’t figured out a study plan. They consistently change and they should. I like to view my study agenda similar to prayers—don’t be repetitive. There are many things to talk to the Lord about, just like there are various ways to study.

If we consistently say the same thing in prayer, our prayers will become disingenuous, and we will hold ourselves back from heartfelt dialogue with our Heavenly Father.

I feel the same way with personal study and my writing. I become disinterested in the things I study, and I end up with writer’s block if I do the same thing each time.

My revelation comes through creativity and change—Repetitive behavior doesn’t help me—It thwarts my ability to hear Him.

Keep it simple.

Keep and open mind.

Continue learning new ways to study.

Finding time to do anything is not as important as what you’ve accomplished during the day, week, month, or year.

Seek to do good, and the time will be made available for you to accomplish what you’ve decided on with the Lord.

Hear Him!

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