Are you spiritually service resistant or receptive?

Are you spiritually service resistant or receptive?

There is a term used when an individual refuses or no longer desires to receive services—service resistant.

There are so many services that can provide a wide variety of assistance in mental health, housing/shelter, medical, insurance benefits, and many more.

I have worked with multidisciplinary teams, and I am also a supervisor of an MDT. One of the best things to watch is an individual accept help and then receive the services they are in need of.

It’s also one the hardest things to see when they refuse or become service resistant, especially when you know the MDT could have helped them.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, it’s very similar to being spiritually service resistant.

Just like an MDT cannot force anyone to receive services, neither can our church leaders, teachers, coaches, parents, or friends.

Many spiritual leaders have wonderful guidance to help us spiritually heal; however, they are only words unless we are willing to receive their messages. They mean nothing if we aren’t receptive and willing to give them a try.

The Savior is the best prescription.

His prescription can heal us spiritually, physically, and mentally.

The power and authority of the priesthood are what His leaders are privileged to bear and exercise, yet, it does no good if we are spiritually service resistant.

The Lord has provided the perfect services. Yes, they are perfect—The people are not, but His resources and His Gospel are perfect.

We participate in church services to be spiritually healed. When we don’t, we are choosing to be service resistant. The sacrament is our reminder to stay on the covenant path and to continue to become spiritually healed.

Brothers and sisters, learn to be receptive to His services.

Hear Him!

Art by Adam Abram

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