Let’s sustain one another!

Let’s sustain one another!
What an idea! Is it too hard for us to lift one another and hold someone up when they have hit life challenges?
Several years ago, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin felt the love of his fellow Apostle, Russell M. Nelson. During a talk on charity, his health and age challenged him at the podium. It wasn’t long after he began to shake uncontrollably that his friend, now President Nelson, stood behind him and held him up!
It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I am sure many of you will always remember. It was an act of pure love. Elder Wirthlin most likely would have tumbled over, but he completed his apostolic message to the world. All because he was sustained by President Nelson.
Elder Holland taught, ”It is no small thing to “sustain” another person. The word literally means to “uphold” or, if you prefer, to “hold up.” When we sustain life, we nourish it, we keep it going.
When we sustain a friend or a neighbor or a stranger in the street, we give support, we share strength, we provide help. We hold each other up under the weight of present circumstance. We bear one another’s burdens under the heavy personal pressures of life.”
We have many great examples of this we can remember. In these current times, there has been and there still are many opportunities to sustain our families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
Matt 5:44, ”But I say unto you, ​​​Love​ your ​​​enemies​, ​​​bless​ them that ​​​curse​ you, do ​​​good​ to them that ​​​hate​ you, and ​​​pray​ for them which despitefully use you, and ​​​persecute​ you.”
Look for opportunities to sustain, uphold, or hold up. Hear Him, and He will lead you to those He needs you to help.

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