Don’t jump ship because you took ‘a wrong road.’

Don’t jump ship because you took ’a wrong road.’
Sometimes taking ’a wrong road’ isn’t necessarily ’the wrong road’; ’it was just ’a wrong road.’
We are all going to take a road that is going to challenge us. As we are on this road, we may feel and wonder as if we are lost—we are not lost, we just took the wrong road.
Those feelings of being lost are the promptings of our Heavenly Father, through the spirit, to turn around.
Jeffery R. Holland shared the experience he once had. As he was out on a trip with his son, they took ’a wrong road.’ They went about 400-500 yards before they hit a dead end and had to turn around.
They wouldn’t have known which road was wrong unless the road they were on came to a dead-end, forcing them to correct their path and turn around.
We are all going to experience a ’fork in the road,’ and we are all going to make a decision. Do we go left or right? Sometimes the only way to know the right way is by taking ’a wrong road.’
The Lord needs us to learn for ourselves and make decisions for ourselves. Sometimes He even allows us to go a little further than 400-500 yards before we realize we need to change course. He wants us to learn how to hear Him!
In 2 Nephi 2:27, we learn a few things from Jacob as he speaks to his sons. We learn we are free to choose between two different roads. The first: We are free to choose liberty and eternal life. The second: We are free to choose captivity and death.
We can choose to turn around and take the other road, being grateful for our experience we learned while traveling down ’a wrong road.’ The Lord is helping us get on His road to eternal life. It’s up to us to recognize the two roads, and we can do that by hearing Him.

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