Is it okay to show emotion?
Unless you’re my mom, dad, or siblings, you wouldn’t think I have a soft bone in my body. Okay, maybe my wife and kids have seen that side.
Law Enforcement has definitely hardened me up, and I’ve learned to shut down my emotions. Occasionally, I’ll get a call for service or deal with a certain situation that punches me in the gut; however, I swallow the frog in my throat and push on.
The older I get, the more I’m beginning to soften up and open up. It’s a weird change and I’m not exactly sure how comfortable I am with it, but it’s not anything I can really control.
As I participate in family history and read stories from my ancestors, that’s when things begin to change the most. Almost as if they are incredibly close by.
I recently read an article my Uncle wrote about my Grandpa Bob (Mom’s dad). He died a month before I was to turn 12, and I still have great memories of my Grandpa.
Before he died, he sat all of his grandchildren in front of him at his home. As he sat in his rocking chair, I remember very vividly sitting in the family room, listening to him talk to all of his grandkids.

He told us how important it was to stay on the path. He also mentioned a part that stuck with me. He was talking about family members losing their way in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; however, he followed up and was confident when he said, ” They will find their way back.”
I don’t remember his exact quote, but I never really understood why he was worried about his grandchildren leaving the Gospel.
I always kept that thought in my head, and when things have been difficult, my Grandpa’s words have refreshed in my mind.
I believe he was inspired to say what he did that day. He has been a huge reason for my continued activity in The Church. I have never wanted to disappoint him. I truly believed as a kid/teenager, he was there for me, and as an adult, I know he continually watches over me.
May we all be filled with the spirit of Elijah, which is ”a distinctive influence of the Holy Ghost that draws people to identify, document, and cherish their ancestors and family members – both past and present.”- Elder Bednar. Hear Him!
PC: K.Turner

2 thoughts on “IS IT OKAY TO SHOW EMOTION?

  1. Barbara Terry

    And the hearts of the children shall be turned to their fathers. It gets even more real at my age Mikey, so buckle up for the ride! 😂 Your Grandpa Bob was an incredible inspiration to me as well. I wrote him my thoughts on that before he died so he would know. I have been privileged to have seen your soft side, makes me want to take you in my arms like I did when you were little. ❤️

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