Our Father in Heaven Gave You Talents.

Our Father in Heaven gave you talents.
It’s true. You may disagree and say you have no talent, which is wrong. One of my favorite things to do is watch America’s Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice, World of Dance, etc…
I enjoy seeing people perform and discovering their talent. I would say our Father in Heaven enjoys seeing His children find the talent He gave them. Think about it; why would He not give you talents? You’re His child. You’re to become like Him!
You can be talented in many ways. They may bless others; they may calm yourself; they may even be spiritual and not physical.
I have no idea when you’ll find your talent. I have no idea when I’ll find all of mine. What I do know is that you’re Father in Heaven knows. Don’t negatively question Him and what He is doing for you.
”Our talents differ. To some is given one, and to some another. You cannot all be Gifford Nielson on the football field or Kresimir Cosic on the basketball floor, but you can excel in something.

From your ranks will come our outstanding educators, attorneys, musicians, businessmen, physicians, statesmen, farmers, and scientists.
You probably have gifts and talents that you have not yet discovered or that are dormant. These must be awakened.” Elder Henry D. Taylor.
Sometimes you’re going to have to work for you’re talent. That’s the great part of life. We are trying to discover who we were before this life. You are going to have to try and move boulders to find your talents.
God loves you, and He is going to help you discover your talents. Why? Because He gave them to you and He needs you to use them.
I can imagine how often fear, envy, and procrastination prevent us from exercising the gifts and talents with which the Lord has blessed us.
Stop fearing. Hear Him, and He will help you find your talents!

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