Focus on the healing and redemptive powers found in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I have been following Operation Underground Railroad, and as a dad of four girls and one boy, my heart aches for those of sexual abuse.

My job as a Police Officer is to protect and to serve. Some of the hardest moments are finding out I was ’too late,’ even though there was nothing I could have personally done to prevent the situation.

The calls I’ve taken personally are the ones where abuse is involved. Those are the calls that hit home.

I am by no means a therapist or psychologist, but I have been in Law Enforcement for over a decade. I have learned some valuable things.

Many times, I have either personally done this, or I’ve seen others do this.

When someone is abused, don’t become part of the problem. I understand we may be close to the individual of abuse, and our intents seem right, but take a step back for a moment.

We can’t assume we know how to fix someone’s problems. It’s also not fair to believe that individual is using their abuse as an excuse to ’act out’ (for lack of a better phrase).

Sister Ann E. Pritt said the following, ”Many who have been abused find it difficult to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost as well as to feel answers to prayer.

Although they may interpret this as a lack of Heavenly Father’s love, there is another explanation. A basic defense children use against sexual abuse is to shut down their feelings, helping them to get through the trauma.

Yet this response also cuts them off from positive feelings. As a result, those who have been sexually abused may have difficulty feeling the love of Heavenly Father, His servants, and other nurturing people in their lives.

Sexual abuse can lead to deep spiritual wounding in other ways. People who have experienced such abuse may develop erroneous ideas about Heavenly Father, doctrines of the gospel, and their own worth.”

I’m grateful for those who have found ways to battle and conquer abuse. Jesus Christ knows you personally, and His Atonement can heal your wounded soul. Hear Him, and you won’t be alone in suffering. He will find you, even in your darkest moments. So many love you!

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