There was no greater Prophet than John the Baptist.
Christ said so himself. Jesus acclaimed that John was ’A burning and shining light.’ He also said there was not a greater prophet born of a woman than John.
Who is John, and why was he so important? He was a link between two dispensations. John was given specific keys when he was only eight days old.
His father, Zacharias, wasn’t able to give him the authority he received because he didn’t even possess it. A Heavenly Angel came down to confer upon John these keys.
This authority wasn’t just the Aaronic Priesthood. It was powers and authority to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews and ’prepare the way of the Lord.’
John was extremely special. We know about Christ and the order given by Herod to kill all infants that were two years and under. John was able to escape this order, just like Christ was—They were only six months apart in age.
John baptized and prepared the way. He was the same person to appear to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey in our dispensation and give them the Aaronic Priesthood.
John was the man selected and talked about in the scriptures who would prepare the way for Christ. He was chosen to baptize Christ. He was also foreordained to be a martyr in the cause of Jesus Christ.
Who is John? John came forth from the tomb at a time immediately following Jesus’ own resurrection, and John is referred to as being “with Christ in his resurrection.”
One day, we will be able to read the record prepared by John the Baptist. The fullness of his record is still to be revealed. (Elder Orson Pratt discussed the records of John yet to come forth, and President John Taylor, in his book Mediation and Atonement,)

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