Who is the most exceptional example of a peacemaker?

My little sister reached out to my older brother today and me. Growing up in a Law Enforcement family, she has a deep love and respect for what we do and what she’s seen her daddy do.

She wanted to let us know how proud she was of the two of us and how we represent our communities.

She presented the story of Alma and Amulek and how the two of them reminded her of us. They took all the harassment and abuse until the Lord delivered them. My sister’s prayer was one day the Lord would do the same for her brothers and that we would be rewarded for our hard work.

I love my sister. She always worries about her family and has a heart of Gold.

When I look at what my brother and I do, I look to the Savior and His mission. He was the greatest example of a pacemaker—Do I align myself with Him as I conduct my personal business and my professional business?
I love the Lord and I try to act in ways that would make Him proud of my conduct.

Christ was a peacemaker and He was crucified.

”I remind you that Jesus Christ is the God of love. He came to bring peace to the world, but said himself that his word was really a sword, because men would fail to understand it and use it properly. He taught that because people would not comprehend his message, quarrels and misunderstandings would divide them.

For this reason there is a great need for peacemakers in the world who know and understand Jesus Christ and who comprehend that the purpose of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was to make it possible to restore all persons, if they would follow him, into the very presence of God, the Eternal Father.”
Theodore M. Burton

One of the most important teachings of Jesus Christ is his statement: “Blessed are all the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” (3 Ne. 12:9.)

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