How deep is your reverence to God?

As you read the message that President Romney shares, think about your reference to the Lord—Especially in these final days here on earth. What difference are you making and what legacy do you want to leave behind?

”Reverence may be measured, I think, by the quality of one’s veneration for the object of his reverence. If this be true, then the more one loves God, the deeper will be his reverence for Him.

One who has profound reverence for the Lord loves him, trusts in him, prays to him, relies upon him, and is inspired by him. Inspiration from the Lord has always been, and now is, available to all men who have a profound reverence for him.

Columbus, discovering America, moved under the Lord’s inspiration. So did the Pilgrim fathers. Washington sought and obtained God’s inspiration at Valley Forge, as did Lincoln before Gettysburg. The men who set up the constitutional government of the United States did so under the Lord’s inspiration. He was the source of their wisdom.” Pres. Marion G. Romney

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