We must endure to the end.

Have you ever heard the phrase ”Endure to the End?” I used to teach this towards the end of missionary discussions as a fifth element of principles and ordinances of the gospel.

Of all that our Father in Heaven might have said, He stressed endurance. Why?

God has repeatedly said He would structure mortality to be a proving and testing experience. Abr 3:25; Mosiah 23:21. He tests us. He’s going to make us prove to him that we can do hard things.

Do your homework—How can we expect to get something without earning it? We all want things but we have to show and prove ourselves.

What are some things he may test us on, and have you experienced any of these things? I know I have experienced all of them.

Illness, injustice, insensitivity, poverty, aloneness, unresponsiveness, being misrepresented and misunderstood, and, sometimes, even enemies.

I guess we can ask ourselves how we can develop love, patience, humility, mercy, purity, submissiveness, justice—since they all require endurance for their full development. The answer is—CHRIST!

He is the only way we can endure and develop in all of those things. We need to have patience with ourselves and submit ourselves to His word. Find ways to love yourself and pace yourself.

We can’t be perfect overnight; however, we can decide to turn ourselves over to Him overnight.

George Macdonald has said, ” God is easily pleased, but hard to satisfy. As a Father, God is delighted with our first and further steps, but He knows how straight, how narrow, and how long the ensuing path is. Again, how vital endurance!”

Today, let’s all decide to further our steps in the work of the Lord. Let us seek ways to understand and follow His will!


  1. Barb

    I find this true especially now. Everyone is tired and weary of COVID restrictions. We’re taking little baby steps we hope are unnoticed out of the guidelines, or maybe we just don’t care about others enough to limit our appetites. BUT, we’re still climbing the mountain to recovery, the views from the top will be amazing. Why are we abandoning this hard journey midway through? We stumble back down complaining and disgruntled. We have been asked our whole lives to “Endure to the End”. The Lord will help us. We CAN do this, we will be blessed if we do. It hurts my heart much more than the fear of the virus, for the impact of our actions will last much longer than any pandemic. Loved the article ❤️ Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts

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