Grandpa Shayne and Emma

”It’s okay; Daddy’s here.”

Those are the words I can remember hearing quite often—When something wasn’t quite right, or I needed my dad.

My dad was traveling on the Governors Executive Detail for the majority of my childhood. My mother often had to play both roles, mom, and dad.

It was my senior year, and I was preparing for my seminary graduation—I was asked to give a talk. I remember my dad being out of town, so he wouldn’t make it hear me speak.

Graduation arrived, and it was my turn to speak to the congregation. I remember walking to the pulpit and wishing my dad could have been there to hear me.

I placed my talk down on the stand and looked out to the congregation—Everyone was waiting to listen to what I had to say.

As my eyes wandered over to the door entrance of the chapel, I saw a handsome feller standing in the doorway—My dad!

My dad had permission from the Governor to drive from St. George, Utah, to my seminary graduation. He arrived at the meeting house just in time for me to give my speech.

I concluded my speech, and my dad had left to go back to St. George.

He did this several times during my lifetime. Randomly showed up to say, ”Mikey, it’s okay; daddy’s here.”

Similarly, I have a Father in Heaven who likes to do the same. When I need them the most, they show up. They present themselves, and then they go.

“Fatherhood exposes us to our own weaknesses and our need to improve. Fatherhood requires sacrifice, but it is a source of incomparable satisfaction, even joy.

The ultimate model is our Heavenly Father, who so loved us, His spirit children, that He gave us His Only Begotten Son for our salvation and exaltation.

Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Fathers manifest that love as they lay down their lives day by day, laboring in the service and support of their families.” Elder Christofferson

The person in my life who exemplifies service in the church, a Police Officer (retired 30 years), and a Father who magnifies his priesthood, is my dad.

Fatherhood requires sacrifice, but it is a source of transcendent love, even joy.

My dad holding my 1st born😊

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