How can “Love” make you a champion?

This is interesting to think about. Can love make you a champion? I would say love can give you anything you want, but it comes with a price.

Growing up, I played with some of the best football players in the State of Utah. Since we were eight years old, we were dominating teams and winning championships.

We won 4 consecutive little league titles and went 46-4. The last year we played together, we lost to Olympus. It’s a loss I don’t think any of us will ever forget.

Losing that game and only three other games in 5 years, taught us, boys a big lesson. They reminded us we were able to be defeated and what getting beat felt like. It taught us discipline and how to fight hard if we wanted to win.

We moved through High School together, and in 2002, our opportunity to play for the State Title was given to us; although we started the year rough, losing the first couple of games.

I’ll never forget our huddle during a practice and we committed to never losing another game that year. The love we had for each other would push us to a victorious year. We were brothers on the field and came together as a family.

As we came into the Championship Game being held at the University of Utah, we had the chance of redemption—Playing Wasatch, a team we lost to early in our season.

This was the most important game of our lives. If we lost, we would regret it forever. We win, and we would remember it forever. We made every play as though it were all-important—Tooele became State Champions that year over Wasatch!

I share this story because ”love” for each other is what made us Champions all those years. Working together to solve problems is the only way to accomplish great things.

President Monson said, ”In this world in which we live, there is a tendency for us to describe needed change, required help, and desired relief with the familiar phrase, “They ought to do something about this.” We fail to define the word they. I love the message, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

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