Will Heavenly Father be there during our most painful moments?

If you ask Lynne Smith, she will share her testimony with you.

”After my back surgery, I was struggling because I couldn’t take pain medicine.

I wasn’t getting restful sleep at all, suffering from insomnia. At about 3 weeks post surgery, I slipped out of bed so as to not waken my spouse.

I went into the extra room and plead with Heavenly Father to take me home.

At around 5 am, after being up all night, I was finally able to go to sleep. At 8 AM, I woke up knowing what the problem was that was keeping me awake.

I was having an adverse reaction to the muscle relaxers. I didn’t take another one after that moment and was finally able to get rest.

Heavenly Father DOES hear and answer our prayers. He DOES know our needs, but most importantly, I learned that night, He DOES know us by name.

Now, when I hear the children say in their testimony, “He knows us by name,” I say Yes, yes, He does.”

I’m grateful for Lynne and her testimony of our Heavenly Father. Like Lynne, we may come to a point in our lives where we plead,” Take me home.”

How do we pray, and what should we remember as we pray? Mormon warned us of the following, ” if anyone shall pray and not with real intent of heart … it profiteth him nothing, for God receiveth none such” (Moroni 7:9).

He then taught us how to pray, and that’s, ”With all the energy of heart” (Moroni 7:48).

May we all learn a lesson from Lynne as we face our challenges. Rise up and hear Him! @ferron_peach

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