Can you be LGBT & ”All In” the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I am going to ask you for patience and forgiveness if I say or do anything to offend anyone throughout this post today.

This past week I listened to a podcast from @allin.podcast featuring @mrcharliebird with the host @mojo7795.

This raised a lot of questions in my mind because I simply didn’t understand how you can be ”All In” and LGBT.

I talked with my wife about this, and she knows my opinions can be brutal and sometimes unrighteous; however, she listens and suggests loving guidance.

Yesterday, I had a neighborhood buddy stop by my home to visit (Not uncommon in my neighborhood) When we were in the garage talking, my wife Mekenzi, went to get the mail. As she walked back, I noticed she was carrying the new Ensign edition, New Era, and The Friend.

For a moment, I stopped talking to my friend, and stared at her hands and the stack of mail she had. I had a feeling come to my mind that I needed to make sure I read every page of the new Ensign edition.

I’m grateful I acted on that prompting. I’m grateful I felt like I could rely on my buddy to help me understand a question I was having in regards to LGBT. Although I don’t fully understand, I’ve learned this morning that I don’t need to worry. I am not God. I didn’t create His children. What I do know is I am His child, and He has commanded me to love every one of His children.

I give thanks to my wife, my friend, and my parents for being open-minded and helping me see things from a different perspective.

The article in the Ensign is titled “I Experience Same-Sex-Attraction” and inside the article is this quote by Elder D. Todd Christofferson.

”With that perspective in mind, the choices I make are not based on my same-sex attraction, but on how to be a true disciple of Christ with same-sex attraction”
Bouke A. Ecoma Verstege

Heed the counsel and teachings of our Prophet and His Apostles. I know Elder Christofferson is a true Apostle of God, and I testify of what he says to be true through seeking the Lord in prayer and study.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and answers our questions when we humbly ask him.

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