A temple is a sacred place, not a secret.

So, how do we explain that to family and friends who are not of our faith?

If you’re in my shoes, you’ve been asked questions like ”What do you do in the temple? Why can’t I go into your temple?

These are a few questions I like to ask in return to those inquiring about the temple, if I’m asked.

1. Did you know throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples? It’s true and you can find out for yourself in these few scriptures: 1 Chronicals 22, Ezra 3, Zechariah 6:13, and 2nd Nephi 5:16, Helaman 3:14.

The temple is sacred and we learn about this in the scriptures, as well. D&C 134 37-40.

2. So, why can’t someone just go in and see the temple?

Even our own members can’t just go inside the temple. It’s something we must all work towards and become worthy to do so. Since the temple is a sacred place where sacred covenants are made, one who enters must be a Church member who is spiritually prepared and living Church standards.

There are sacrifices we make to enter and keep in order to enter the Holy Temple of the Lord. Living worthy of entering the temple includes living a pure life, being honest, keeping the Word of Wisdom, and paying tithes and offerings, among other requirements.

There are so many things completed in the temple that bring peace to the minds of many individuals, including myself.

3. Did you know a temple is dedicated prior to opening? There is an open house, also!

4. What does that mean to you as a member or non-member who can’t go inside of a dedicated temple?

It means visitors are welcome to walk through and see what the interior of the temple looks like! During that time, you can ask questions and see the beautiful artwork and craftsmanship with your own eyes.

I would recommend any and all to take time to see a temple during an open house. The Lord loves and welcomes all those to his house. He also wants any and all to partake in the saving ordinances of His everlasting Gospel.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and take time to hear Him today.

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